Our team offers exceptional services wherever it is accessible. We plan to expand our services to more areas so more people can take advantage of our professional services.

Make sure to keep checking our site to see whether we have added your city to our list of locations. You can also contact us so we can update you on whether our team can visit your location.

For now, we are operating in the following areas:

We started in 2012 by offering professional electrical services in Glasgow. So, our primary team of electricians is located in Glasgow.

We have two teams operating in Inverclyde. Both these teams are familiar with the wiring, and electric work required in Inverclyde houses and do the work according to it.

Renfrewshire was the second place where we expanded to. Again, we selected vetted local professionals to join our team that provides electrical services in Renfrewshire.

We recently expanded to Dunbartonshire and have one team of experts. However, our referrals have been steadily increasing the workload there, and we plan to hire more teams to fulfil the rising demand for our professional services in Dunbartonshire.

What Services Do We Provide?

We offer the following electrical services in Glasgow, Renefrewshore, Inverclyde, Dunbartonshire, and nearby areas:


Many old houses in the Glasgow area are pretty old. Their infrastructure dates back to the 19th century. Therefore, their electric wiring is also damaged in places. This causes a hassle because, in some areas, there might be no access to electricity.

Our house rewiring electricians offer rewiring services at a reasonable price. In addition, since they have a cumulative expertise of over 25 years, they can work quickly, and the rewiring task can be completed within two days.

Also, our team complies with the industry safety regulations because they are licensed and certified. So, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the work delivered.

Electrician Services

There is a lot of electrical work around the house. But calling an expert for electrical work can be pretty costly. However, with our services, you can be worry-free about the charges.

We only offer services in areas where our teams are living. Therefore, they won’t charge you extra for transport. Also, we offer a workmanship warranty so that you can call us for any issues, and our team will fix it again without additional charges.

How to Get in Touch?

If you live in Glasgow or the cities mentioned above and would like to know whether we provide electrical services in your area, you can send us a message through the website.

Please ensure that the details you enter are correct so our customer service representatives can reach you within 24 hours of your message.

Once we have contacted you and booked our services, you will be given the direct contact of the team head. The team head will contact you for scheduling and be reachable for any other queries and concerns.

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