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Even if a complete rewire isn’t necessary, we may assist with little tasks around the house. To address electrical issues or install new equipment, our qualified electricians provide the same prompt and effective service as our rewiring teams.

They are completely competent to do any household or commercial electrical work, from installing a single new outlet to partially rewiring an entire building. As a leading electrical contractor in Glasgow we guarantee outclass workmanship.

Other than that, a customary one-year manufacturer’s warranty on components and products is included with every electrician service of ours.

Electrical Installations

Our emergency electrician in Glasgow can upgrade your circuit boards, add additional power outlets, extra lights, and make other changes to your current electrical system. We provide honest pricing that is centered on our customers’ needs.

Below is a list of all our installation services, along with approximate pricing. We provide you with an installation certificate once our electricians finish any electrical work in your home.

It’s important to note that we can only add to or modify your current electrics, provided they are in good shape.

Error Finding

Expert electricians are needed to conduct fault-finding when your electrics are malfunctioning. Our NICEIC electricians can analyze and identify any flaws that might be causing your electrics to malfunction.

Our electrical experts with experience use technology to swiftly identify faults and restore power to your house. After the examination, the engineer will submit a report identifying any flaws and suggestions for repair work.

Emergency Electricians Glasgow

If you are concerned about your electrics, we provide a free remote visual inspection. If you would prefer, we can send an electrician to your house to perform a more thorough inspection for a set fee.

Your fuse box, as well as several of the switches and plugs around your house, will be opened by our electrician. After doing some fundamental testing, we’ll compile a brief report that includes information on the state and age of your wiring, whether you need to replace it, or any suggested system improvements.

Workmanship Warranty

Most of our work is covered by a one-year warranty, and all our installation work is NICEIC-approved. If we believe the system is in poor condition, we may not be able to offer any guarantees on any work. However, we will make this apparent in your quote.

Please call our office to discuss your project if you have any queries.

Material and Quality Guarantees

We will provide materials and parts with a manufacturer’s guarantee or warranty, which typically lasts one year.

We are a team of:

  • Professional electricians
  • With stylish and innovative electrical solutions

You may rely on us to complete the wiring on your house and build a premium electrical system that satisfies your requirements. Our team is skilled in all forms of electrical installation and repairs, and we provide a comprehensive selection of wiring and lights.

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